Welcome to Our FW Archive for FWs we deemed Special (some files maybe compressed as a .zip & .rar)

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Exploitable PS4 Official Firmware

PS4 1.76 US System Update (Jailbroken)  
PS4 1.76 US Recovery Image
PS4 3.55 System Update (Webkit Exploit) 
PS4 3.55 Recovery Image 
PS4 4.05 System Update (Webkit + Kernel Exploit) 
PS4 4.05 Recovery Update 
PS4 4.06 System Update (Webkit Exploit)  
PS4 4.06 Recovery Image   

Exploitable PS3 Official Firmware

PS3 3.16 OFW
PS3 3.41 OFW 
PS3 3.41.1 OFW (HDD upgrade bug. Silently replaced.)
PS3 3.55 OFW (Jailbroken)  
PS3 4.50 OFW (FW Before ODE was Patched)
PS3 4.70 OFW (FW before PeXploit was Semi-Patched)
PS3 4.82 OFW (UK Update (PS3 4.82 Flasher here


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